Carter Wells London


Anna Rose and Edwina Sercombe have come together and created a refreshingly original combination of old school charm and 21st century edge. Their product line speaks volumes about their combined aesthetic. They seek clients and supporters who ideally share the same ethics and can therefore allow them to continue to produce projects with integrity and elegance.

Otago collaborates with artisans from marginalised communities to create collections of fine objects for the contemporary interior. By incorporating local artisanal skill with cutting edge design, Otago creates exceptional and elegant pieces for the home.

As talented designers they can bring their aesthetic to a variety of places: styling, interior decorating & design plus commissioned bespoke pieces.

Favourite Interior of the world
A Lamu House

Favourite Building in London
Kenwood House

Go to source for inspiration
Safety Line Lodge, Nairobi- West African Traders market

Top Design Tip
Embrace colour and pattern